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5 Practical Tips for Greater Self Love

Have you seen those women who just seem to ooze confidence, even when they are wandering around the streets in their sweatpants and hoodies? We are constantly comparing ourselves to other women, and it isn’t doing us any favors in the self esteem department.   What if...

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How communion taught me it’s ok to be fat.

Communion is a very important sacrament in the Christian church. Some churches do it occasionally, some once a month, and some even do it every week. It is a time where we all drink some juice, and eat some bread, and remember Christ's sacrifice for us. This last time...

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About Me

I am Hannah and I am passionate about Christ, and passionate about finding true joy in my body. This is my journey to finding that joy through Christ. I would love to hear your story, so please don't be afraid to share!

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