Today I wrote a guest post for The Young Wives club! This was a tough post for me because I was personally so challenged as I prayed and sought the Lord while writing this. I hope that you are able to read it, ask yourself the questions I pose, and find a way to love yourself a little deeper!

Being a woman in today’s day and age is really difficult, especially when it comes to beauty standards. We are expected have clean nails, fresh hair and makeup everyday, a different outfit for each day of work, and all while maintaining a socially acceptable weight. It’s honestly too much pressure and expectation, and you know what, you don’t have to do it.

I was watching a reality TV show that features four men. They were all railing on one of them for being so fat and goofy looking, and they all laughed and thought it was hilarious. The butt of the jokes accentuated his big gut and made even goofier faces to tease himself, and laughed at himself.

I found myself thinking, “Wow, women would NEVER joke with each other like that on national television!” It is so interesting the amount of pressure there are on women specifically. We live in a society that loves “Dad Bods”, and male celebrities can be bald, short, chubby, thin and trim, young, old, whatever, and we still love them! We celebrate men of all shapes and sizes, yet we shame women for their differing appearances.