This week I am lucky enough to get to write a guest post for Selina Almodovar! I love the opportunity to write for other websites, and it is my prayer that God will use my heart and passion for body positivity to speak to women who I would not normally reach!

“Babe,” My husband looked at me with concern in his eyes. “How come you have all these scars all over your body that I didn’t know about? Did something happen to you?” I looked at him confused. We hadn’t been married for longer than a few weeks at this point, so we were still getting acquainted with each other in intimate ways. I asked him what he was talking about and he pointed to a cluster of stretch marks on my stomach. I instantly burst into laughter.

A part of my body that I don’t even notice anymore, parts of me that I always recall being there, I never thought to explain or point out. I assured my husband that I had not been mutilated in any way, and explained my stretch marks to him. This story always makes me laugh and I think back to it. I laugh at my husband’s concern, and at his general lack of understanding the flaws of a woman’s body.

To also think back to that moment, I am deeply grateful that I was in a place of being comfortable enough with my body to not be offended by my husband pointing out my “flaws”. As innocent as his comment was, it could have also been deeply wounding if I wasn’t in a good relationship with my body.

As much as we hate to admit it, the way that we view ourselves deeply impacts our relationships, whether that be positively or negatively! The negative list can go on forever, but I want you to walk away from reading this feeling encouraged, not depressed.