Why We Exist:

Curvy Christianity is Christ centered inspiration for your journey to a body-positive attitude.

Lets be honest, we live in a society that is full of ridiculous body standards and a media that makes beautiful girls feel horrible about themselves. It almost feels like every second of every day we are being bombarded with a message that says “You aren’t good enough!” There is so much pressure and expectation from the media and society, that the few voices whispering “You are good enough” seem to quickly get muffled out. I have found a few places that recharge my soul and help me to be brought back to a place of confident peace with myself, and I cling to these positive voices and examples.

This is why I created Curvy Christianity. I am on a journey of finding true body positivity, and I know there are lots and lots of women on that same journey, so why not create a space where we can enter into community and journey together? God has called us to care for ourselves and take care of our bodies, and this is important to remember on our journeys. But we also have to remember that caring for ourselves doesn’t necissarily mean eating kale and tofu and running 6 miles everyday. There is way to care for ourselves without obsessing over it (though this is great for some people!).

I am overweight, and I am working on being healthy. That’s it. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be thrilled to loose a few pounds, but the ultimate goal is to be healthy and honor God with my body, even if that means never loosing a pound.

I dream of a community of women who are seeking after Christ, and seeking after truly loving and accepting themselves. This will be a deep, real, vulnernable, and hopefully encouraging place for you in your day to day life. I hope you join me on this journey, and I hope that the Holy Spirit can speak through this community to you, like it has to me.

Who we are for:

This isn’t just for overweight women, this is for women who have ever been made to feel like they aren’t good enough. This is for women who look in the mirror and don’t recognize themselves, this is for women who have ever compared themselves to someone else and felt like the lesser, this is for women of all shapes and sizes. This is for women who want to honor God with their bodies, no matter what they look like. This is a place to celebrate YOU and all of your brilliance.

About Me

I am Hannah and I am passionate about Christ, and passionate about finding true joy in my body. This is my journey to finding that joy through Christ. I would love to hear your story, so please don't be afraid to share!

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